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How to Maximize Your Instagram Account

If you’re a beginner to Instagram, you might be wondering what the most popular features are. Superzoom, Messages icon, Like counter, and Text Story are a few of the most popular. But how do you know which feature to use? Read on to learn more about these features and more! Read on to discover how you can maximize your Instagram account! Listed below are some of the best ways to optimize your Instagram posts and stories!

Superzoom feature

Instagram users can now create zooming videos with the new Superzoom feature. The new feature automatically films a three-second video, complete with dramatic music. Users can also hold down the shutter button and drag their fingers across the screen to zoom further. Superzoom videos can also be shared on Instagram Stories. To add music or stickers, users can tap the video to make it more interactive. But if you’d rather not use the feature, you can still create zooming videos without it.

Messages icon

When you use the DM section of the Instagram app, you can send private messages directly to your followers’ inboxes. In order to do this, you just need to click or tap the Messages icon. In the Messages section, you can choose the colour of the chat window, as well as set different identities for each message. Messages can be sent to non-instagram users, too. However, you must make sure you upgrade to the latest plan before using this feature.

Like counter

If you’re looking for a great way to keep track of how many people have liked your post, you may have noticed that Instagram has started to hide the exact number of likes on a post. Thankfully, you can use an app like InstaLike to see the hidden Likes count for a particular post. The app requires the Regrammer app or InstaLike to download and work properly. To remove the counter, follow these simple steps:

Text Story feature

You may have already noticed that Instagram has started rolling out animated GIFs and stickers to its Stories feature. But did you know that the app is now rolling out text animation as well? The feature was first spotted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi in July 2020. The feature essentially gives users animated versions of static text options. Every static text option on the app has an animated counterpart. To create an animated text, simply select an option and click “Create.”

Keeping up with others on instagram

Keeping up with others on Instagram is easy when you know how to find them. You can find users who post similar content to yours by tapping the magnifying glass icon on the Explore page. You can also search for users by name. Instagram works differently than Facebook or Twitter. Instead of sending friend requests, you can use hashtags to find similar accounts and choose which ones to follow. By following people’s hashtags, you’ll be able to see what they’re posting in their feed.

Using hashtags

Whether you want to expand your reach with local audiences or ecommerce merchants, using hashtags is an excellent strategy. By adding a specific hashtag to your posts, you’re letting users know that your content falls under a particular category or topic. This allows you to reach a larger audience and build a strong brand recognition. Here are some tips for using hashtags on Instagram. First, you should always ensure that your photos are of high resolution and contain relevant hashtags.