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How to solve major hidden dangers \”dry\” \”dry\”?

Currently, electric heaters on the market are generally equipped with various temperature controllers or thermal protector. Such a fitting can cause the heated water to break the circuit after the test point temperature reaches the set value, stop heating; when the water temperature of the test point is lowered to the lower limit, the device is automatically closed. Many electric heater manufacturers show the products with this thermostat in the air to demonstrate their products to prove that their products can \”anti-dry\”. In fact, this so-called anti-dry burn promotion, if not intentionally misleading manufacturers, the product manufacturer has this conceptual misunderstanding. In fact, this demonstration itself does not explain its product \”anti-dry\”! On the contrary, it demonstrates that this product is dry again and again in the absence of water. Electric heating \”dry\”: The fatal \”killer\” of the solar water heater \”dry\” is the heating of water or water in the water tank when the electric heater is heated. Drying is not a set working state, which is an accident of the system, that is, the fault state. The continuation of this state will result in a more serious consequence. When the electric heater is \”dry\” in the water tank, the high temperature heat generated by the electric heater is conducted to the water tank connecting site repeatedly heated, and the seal ring (pad), insulation layer, and water tank are damaged. Compared to most \”hot\” type electric heating, a full cast aluminum electric heater integral with the sealing surface is raised faster, higher, and more Quickly accelerate the aging of the seal, which is harmful. In a single sun hot water system, the \”anti-dry burning\” of the auxiliary electric heater can be \”preventing continuous dryness\” in a single sun hot water system, that is, when there is a water shortage or anhydrous state, the system is systematically It should be able to terminate the operation within a limited time before it produces the consequences. Before the water or lack of water is eliminated, the system power is cut off regardless of whether the system is cut off or not. Of course, if you can do no water or short water, or there is no waterless (water shortage) to dry, it is actually a more thorough \”anti-dry burning\”. Although many controllers on the market have lack of water, it is sometimes the signal of the sensor, resulting in an unsteady of anhydrous (water shortage). In fact, after installing an electric heater in a solar water heater tank, it becomes a water storage electric water heater. The water storage electric water heater has formed a perfect production technology management system and implementation standards for long-term applications. Among them, according to (GB4706.1-12), such a water storage electric water heater must be equipped with a non-automatic return of anti-dry burning outside the thermostat with automatic reset. When the water heated in the water heaters is less than a certain amount, this non-automatic reset device will be mandatory to disconnect the circuit, terminate heating, only after the relevant personnel work is believed to eliminate the accident, and the human manual reset, the system can be put into the system run. This prevents serious consequences from dry burning accidents. Drawing from experience is suggested for the healthy development of the industry With the promulgation of my country’s renewable energy law andImplementation, the rapidly developed solar water heater will receive faster development and broader applications. Eliminate the huge hidden dangers of electrical assistance heating that cannot be \”anti-dry\”, which has great urgency and facts. To this end, Ma Jin also mentioned a few suggestions for the industry: referring to the standard of water water water heater, further improve the system function of solar water heater, accelerate the system of system home appliances of solar water heaters. For solar water heaters mounted in the roof of the outdoor roof, it is extremely inconvenient to operate as a water storage electric water heater. This requires the relevant factory home to immediately develop a non-automatic reset that adapts to this system to achieve the function of the electric heater to be bleed. Some manufacturers take the ad hoc electric heating hole intentionally set to a spherical hole, so that it is not advisable to avoid responsibility when there is an accident in the case of electric heater. Real responsible manufacturers should continue to improve product features to meet the constant development of reasonable social needs. Changing the water mode of currently solar water heater, advocating the use of hot water in the form of a single tube is water-free water water, to ensure that the solar water heater water tank is always in the full water position, minimizing the occurrence of dry burning accidents The possibility. Develop a new non-automatic reset small space heater device that can be mounted on the electric heater. The electric heater itself does have a function of anti-dry fever, and improve system operation safety reliability. It is recommended that the relevant departments will rectify the solar water heater electric heater market, banned the false advertisement misleading and product propaganda of the \”anti-dry burning\” of the relevant manufacturers, so as not to generate the misunderstanding of the management concept, from it. Electric heater is working, more equipment used in life, such as electric furnace, iron iron, electric iron, electric heater, electric oven, etc. belong to electric heating equipment. The electric resistance of the electric heater is made of nickel, chromium alloy, and the temperature is up to 800 ° C or higher. Since the power of the electric heater is relatively large, if the user neglects the security, the fire is likely to happen. The reasons for the fire generated by the electric heater: one is to place the power-on electric heater on the combustion or in the vicinity of flammable, causing a fire under long-term high temperature baking. Second, the electric heater is not installed, directly insert the wire head into the socket, and it is easy to cause a short circuit. Third, the user did not pull the plug of the electric heater when leaving, the time is too long, resulting in overheating of electric heater, and the adjacent flammable products will cause fire. Fourth, the resistance continues to use after multiple repairs, which can cause the line to overload fire. Therefore, in use, the flammable and explosive article cannot be placed near the electric heater, and a certain safe distance must be maintained. The electric heater must be placed on the non-thermally conductive non-combustible material base; the safety shuttle of the electric heater wire must satisfy the capacity of the electric heater, and the industrial electric heater must be a separate circuit in any case. The wire must be installed, can not be inserted directly into the socket; the electro-heater wire aging is replaced in time, no melting in the circuitThe electric heater of the cradle must not be used; if the electric heater is used, it must be tube. When leaving, the plug should be unplugged. In the process of use, if it is stopped, it should also be pulled out in time, do not forget.For a multi-repaired resistor, it is best not to use, and the new resistor should be replaced.The flammable and explosive article is strictly prohibited to use electric heaters to dry; the electric oven should have a device for controlling temperature, and it is necessary to prevent the temperature is too high, and it is necessary to prevent the baking time.